The Cave Of The Sun

The project narrates the contemporary history of Baalbek and its struggle for liberation from occupation, starting with the support
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Black M house

Building underground modern architecture offers a sustainable and efficient solution to contemporary design, with the added benefits of privacy
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Adon House

This concept for a modern sustainable house is nestled on a small cliff amidst a cultivable slope, with the
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The last tree pavilion

Trees provide numerous economic and social benefits, including the production of timber, fruits, and medicines, and the provision of
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Pine Rock House

A romantic path surrounds the house, consisting of beautiful pine trees and rocks that resemble natural sculptures. The project
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Beit HUA

Beit HUA is a public urban project that aims to show that worshiping the one loving God to elevate
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Sufism is a spiritual and mystical dimension of Islam that emphasizes the pursuit of divine truth and knowledge through
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Wedge Cliff house

Naqoura Arabic: الناقورة Enn Nâqoura, Naqoura, An Nāqūrah) is a small city in southern Lebanon. According to E. H.
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The resistance movements gained significant support from the Lebanese people, who saw them as defenders of their homeland and
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Ēl Memorial

Overall, the effort to liberate the outskirts of the Lebanese mountains from extremist groups was a coordinated effort involving
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